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Rave Reviews

Reviews help others make a decision on picking the right person to help them on their journey. Someone who you resonate with, trust, and can support you on your healing journey

Image by Ivan Dodig

‍Thank you Lena,

I want to thank you for being you & your choosing to help people. Since Covid started I fell into a dark place mentally and started losing hope in seeing better times. Although I was skeptical about hypnotherapy, i felt drawn to you & needed to fulfill my curiosity. During our first session I instantly felt a calming feeling that soothed my anxiety. You were my light that helped me crawl out of the dark place. You taught me techniques on how to overcome my overwhelming sense of drowning during a panic attack. I listen to your personalized hypnotherapy every night & feel so light and happy when I wake up now. I can't even begin to tell you how much you truly helped me grow mentally as well as spiritually! You've tapped into parts of my subconscious mind that I forgot existed. That's probably why I'm crying as I'm writing this. All happy tears of course  

Thank you for giving me the courage to show up for myself & know that I am capable of so much more than I ever imagined. I'm finally making the move across the country which has been a dream of mine since I was a child. I'd normally dismiss a dream this big but I am doing it! You helped me make this my reality. 

Thank you for helping me find my voice. I've always been the type to bend over backwards to make others happy but neglected my own needs. I would go quite to spare others feelings which made me miserable inside. In theory I thought that I was being a good friend, co-worker, girlfriend ETC. I didn't realize the damage that I was doing until having spoke to you. Since then, I've had some really difficult conversations with people who are near and dear to my heart. Instead of feeling bad asking for what I want, I feel empowered and like a weight has been lifted! 

I asked the universe for help & it's no coincidence that you showed up in my life! You're a beautiful soul & I am forever grateful for what you've done for me. 

Thank you Lena :) 

Hypnotherapy Client

Image by Allef Vinicius

Thank you Lena. I cannot begin to explain how much I have learnt from you and feel so positive on the path to healing. Grateful to have met you in Bali then be so lucky to receive your sessions. You are an absolute light in this world!

Lena is truly a great find as not only a hypnotherapist, but as someone who has a true passion to help people and reach their full potential, by getting to the heart of what is holding them back. I wanted to write this review by expressing my experiences, for those thinking of using Lena's services, I hope this gives you the confidence that this is a step in the right direction. 

Firstly, as Lena mentioned to me in her first session, "you need to turn up for yourself". This is so important to remember because the tools, time, and sessions that Lena has with you is as successful as you wanting to make the change you engage her for, and the home tasks that she suggest you complete. 

Lena is incredibly professional and generous with her time. I never felt rushed or that any of the sessions were not specifically curated for my situation - this level of detail is not something I have seen before. It truly shows that Lena preps for each session, wanting her clients to get the utmost out of it. 

My sessions helped me grasp tools and learn a lot about myself that traditional therapy did not get to the root of. The fact that I continue to use the tools and am dedicated to myself and my healing, is all thanks to Lena. She has a unique combination of dedication, genuine encouragement, a caring nature, professionalism, and warmth.

I was definitely not disappointed with my sessions, and truly had someone who held space for me to speak, understand, heal, and get on the right path to flourishing in all my endeavours.

Hypnotherapy Client

Portrait of Senior Woman

Working with Lena was an amazing experience!
I felt very comfortable with her...
She has very warm and positive energy..
She made me feel like i know her for 100 years ...
I don’t know much about hypnotherapy ., but also was very interesting process...
Every time I had meeting with her, I felt positive and clear ...
she is very organized and she really cares about you ...
And one of my favorite things when she plays music and does special recording just for you
I definitely will recommending to see her if you stuck and kind of can’t move forward..
She is an awesome person.....

Hypnotherapy Client

Image by Brooke Cagle

Lena and her spiritual guidance has exponentially liberated my limiting self beliefs. Within the first couple of sessions I felt a dark, heavy and painful weight being lifted. I was sleeping better, communicating better, I stopped binge drinking and I started to discover my inner peace that I couldn’t attain in years of traditional therapy.
Her nightly hypnosis made my daily tasks so much more bearable and I had new found headspace for the things I once loved doing; reading, journaling and just being alone.
Every session with her I make new breakthroughs and put to ease inner conflicts that I didn’t realize I still held. I wish I had started this journey with Lena as my spiritual guide sooner but I couldn’t be happier at this present moment.

Hypnotherapy Client 

Image by Roberto Delgado Webb

Hi Lena,

Thank you so much for all your support, it has truly elevated my soul. :)

Before seeing Lena, I was considering the idea of possibly starting therapy sessions to help me grow and improve as a person. At the same time, I was also just feeling a little down about work and just my sense of direction in life, and was in need of some guidance. Lena was kind enough to offer me a few trial sessions and on our 1st session, she spent nearly 4 hours with me! :) I was so touched and comforted by her commitment to our session. She really just wanted to get to know me and know what was troubling me. She was so patient and understanding and just really listened to what I was saying; I never felt judged for anything I was saying. She really created a safe space for me to speak freely and honestly. 

When we started the hypnotherapy portion, I fell into the hypnosis state easily and was able to visualize the images and follow the path Lena was guiding me on. The story she created for me revolved around my main concerns at that time and I was really impressed by how adept and perceptive she was of those concerns, and  how she was able to form this fluid state of mind and consciousness around them. After the first session I felt a lot of weight lifted off my mind and shoulders, and I felt mentally replenished overall. 

Having done 2 sessions with her now, I can honestly say that my state of mind has significantly improved and is the best it's been in a long time. I believe working with Lena has helped me unlock my currently more balanced and positive state of my mind. Although my life still isn't perfect, I feel better mentally prepared for it these days and more in control. I highly recommend Lena's therapy sessions, they're cleansing for the mind and soul and will be helpful no matter what! I'm so grateful for Lena's help and excited to continue working with her. :)  

Hypnotherapy Client

Woman With Makeup

So after our session a week later I started getting a really deep connection with this guy that I was seeing and now we are exclusively dating! How crazy is that, that it happened after the hypnotherapy session?!? I don't know if you remember me talking about him, he is a wonderful guy, superseded my expectations of what I wanted and total gentlemen, thanks to YOU!!

Hypnotherapy Client


Smiling Young Man

Lena has helped me in so many ways with her healing and hypnosis! I went to Lena to get help with smoking and she has opened my mind to learning so much more about myself and helping me to personally develop myself spiritually and emotionally. I really enjoy her hypnosis and her Tarot readings are a bonus and are very special. Lena has helped me to strengthen my mindset and taught me the strength of the mind and how to use that to better myself and others. I highly recommend Lena and I would recommend Lena to help anyone with their self improvement and anything you're looking to achieve in life.

Hypnotherapy Client

Image by Michael Dam

Hi Lena, 

Hope you are fantastic! I'm doing great - thanks to you. 

When I first contacted Lena I was in a fog emotionally and mentally. I felt like I wanted things in my life and no matter how hard I worked for it and desired it, things would not manifest for me. At the time I had very few people I could trust and when I first spoke to Lena I immediately felt like I could trust her with my truths. Lena really took me in and took care of me in a very caring way. Sometimes all we need is someone to care. Through my session, I felt better and better. Lena's wise words would stick to me throughout the days in between our sessions. If your journey takes you on this path just know that maybe 90% of this working for you requires your effort. It's a lot of work, so ask yourself, "I'm I willing to put in the work it takes to make the change". Lena's guidance has led me to a better version of me. Her hypnosis relieved me of anxiety and the pressure I felt in my chest. She truly has a caring heart and a gift to share with the world. I highly recommend Lena as a spiritual guide for anyone looking to spiritually wake up and elevate your vibration. 

With lots of love - your student, 


Hypnotherapy Client

man 9

The recording was perfect. I love it. I don't think I could have thought of that myself. I even got a bit teary eyed but felt awesome. The music was great. Thank you! I was not wrong about you. I knew your someone with an amazing gift and heart.


woman 9

At the time of writing this I have had six sessions of hypnotherapy with Lena and in each session, I’ve gained new tools and insight. Lena is very easy to talk to and relatable. She seemed to be able to understand me very well right from the beginning making all of her advice, tools, and hypnosis sessions geared to me. Her hypnosis sessions are always peaceful and she always paints me a picture I can see clearly. Even after the first session I had already seen improvement on my day to day life, whether it was a new perspective or a new way to handle certain stressors. I always thought about our sessions throughout each week. I am so happy our paths crossed and I am looking forward to continuing my sessions with Lena!

Hypnotherapy Client

Woman in Yellow

I honestly don't even know where to begin with my review, so I will just say, 

that from my very first session with Lena, I could see positive change. I hadn't been sleeping due to a car accident that seemed to have jolted many layers of emotions I had buried for many many years. After my first session I slept the entire night without any sleep aids.

Lena has customized my sessions based on my specific needs, and ongoing therapy is showing me huge results. More energy, happier state of mind, more positive outlook when I was struggling with it.

I'm new to the hypno-therapy world, and I honestly wish I had been introduced to this 20 years ago. 
I am so grateful for Lena, her time, her gentle words, her creative way of formulating a very client specific therapy session that allows the client full control of their healing journey.

Thank you Lena, You are my earth angel!

Hypnotherapy Client

man 4

I think you are very gifted. What you said was profound and it took me a minute to digest. But it's exactly what's going on in my life. No kidding but those were the best and most accurate cards reads I have ever heard.  I thaaaaank you from the bottom of my heart.

Tarot Reading 

Image by Baylee Gramling

Wow I am amazed! It all makes so much sense. Thank you so much for all the confirmations I needed. You are an amazing loving angel. I can hear in your voice how passionate you are about what you do.

Tarot Reading

Attractive Young Woman

Oh Gosh... It's pretty accurate reading...I got goosebumps. I am still overwhelmed of your accuracy Lena.. Wow!

The description is spot on when you explain this guy.

Tarot Reading

woman 8

Love, love, love my readings!!!! 
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Tarot Reading

Male Portrait

What you do is a wonderful thing for people but that is to be expected since you are such a wonderful person. Much love to you and respect. Keep doing what you love to do. You're amazing.


**Please note that generic photos have been used to protect my clients identity.

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